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Lash Lift Consent 

A lash lift is meant to curl your upper lashes upward and will last 6-8 weeks with proper aftercare but depends on the state of your natural lashes. Not everyone is a candidate for a lash lift. If you have thin or sparse lashes you may be advised to do a different treatment until your lashes are strong enough or you grow more lashes. In every appointment it is our top priority to lead with integrity and keep your lashes healthy.

I understand that I need to keep my lashes dry for 48 hours after I get a lift
Although most lashes curl with no problem, I understand that I cannot get a lift service back to back and must wait at least 1 week in between lifts if I don’t see desired results
I understand that if I have downward facing lashes or very straight lashes, it may take multiple sessions to get my lashes fully lifted
I understand and agree to all statements above

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Lash Extensions
Consent form

Lash extensions are a semi permanent service. With proper application and aftercare they can last up to 2-4 weeks before needing a refill. Everyone’s natural lashes are different. No set is the same. We have different lash diameters, lengths, textures, and styles. A thorough consultation will be done before you receive service, the same day of your appointment. Lash retention depends on proper after care. Our work is not guaranteed with products that are not sold in our salon. Please fill out the following form i order to receive service. 

I Understand that I must come in for a regular refills to keep my lashes looking full
I understand that I may not wet my lashes up to 48 hours after getting lashed. This may result in extensions falling off sooner than the 2 week period
Are you pregnant? If yes, please keep in mind that lash extension fullset services may require laying down in a flat position for as long as two hours and refills may require laying down in a flat position for one hour. Please bring a pillow to put underneath your legs if that would be more comfortable for you if you are pregnant

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