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Get your Summertime Routine Right

Lets switch it up a bit!

We are all doing it… We’re buying new swimsuits and clothes for our trips and pool days. Make sure you're also prioritizing transitioning your skincare, make-up, and lash routines to summer friendly products and practices. So, while we all know that sunscreen is #1, there are a few other tips that can keep your lashes in check, skin healthy, and make-up flawless during these scorcher days.

Lashes + Salt water.

Yes, you can swim or sweat with your lash extensions or lash lift. If you sweat a lot,or swim in the ocean or a salt water pool, splash your lash extensions off afterward with cool, clean water and dry them. Do not keep your lash extensions saturated in salt water for extended periods of time. Salt will build up at the base of your lashes, which causes the extensions to fall off faster…. Lashes falling off faster, is no bueno friend. If you have a Lash Lift, keep in mind, the more you wet your lashes, the sooner you'll need to get them re-lifted.

Reduce tub time.

In summer we tend to sweat more often and then want to shower more often… Don’t use super hot water and if you do, then only shower for 5 minutes. The hot water is very drying to your skin. Minimizing hot water will keep your skin more hydrated.

Switch out your exfoliant.

Replace your scrub with a serum or pads containing your favorite acid. Ease into the acid by only applying it a few times a week to start with. Great exfoliating acids are Glycolic, Salicylic, or Alpha-Hydroxy (AHA). Keep in mind that the more acids you use, you will need to make sure you are using SPF 30+ daily.

Ditch heavy foundations + concealers.

As humidity increases, a melting butter face is not the goal sis. Lighter formulas are a must, such as tinted moisturizers or tinted spf's. Stay away from oil based products. These will be less likely to last through sweat or humidity.

Snatched summer contouring.

Use powder based contour palettes instead of creams or liquids. Use a brush in a sweeping method, to build and blend colors. Make sure the products you're switching to are non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores. My go-to contouring make-up tip is to apply my highlight from the outer corner of my eye down, to the middle bridge of my nose, then a dab on the middle of my chin, and a thin line on the bridge of my nose. Finding a highlight that pairs with your skin tone is key.

After sun care.

Lastly, Remember that even if your skin is already oily, you still need to moisturize. This will actually help balance the oil production. Applying sunscreen is vital to combat aging and reducing your chance of skin cancer, but moisturizing after being out in the sun, is also essential. I love using shea butters during the winter months, but my go-to all over body moisturizer in summer months is aloe vera. Try to get pure aloe vera. You can get it in a pump bottle or buy it at the grocery store and cut it and blend it yourself. The natural aloe doesn't have the best smell so, you can mix with your favorite scent and apply it over your whole body after being in the sun. Hydrating your skin will keep elasticity and collagen.

Have you tried any of these tips before? Please share below!

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