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Which Lash service is best for you?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

If I had even one dollar for every time I’ve had a new client tell me this, I could literally buy myself a Louis Vuitton tote bag.

“The last lash place I went to, just lashed me and didn't ask any questions or tell me about any options. I never knew there were different designs and styles. They didn't ask anything about my eye shape or what I wanted”....

If you aren't being asked any qualifying questions before being lashed….

RUN girl RUN.

Lash extensions come in many varieties. They include different lengths, diameters, and curls, which all create unique styles and designs. Lash extensions can enhance your eye shape, or change the appearance to create an illusion of a new eye shape. They can be bold or light and feathery. They can be subtle and natural or dramatic and glamorous, but they should always be light weight and fit your lifestyle with any set.

Assessing the condition of your natural lashes plays a huge role in which lash service is best for you along with your lifestyle. Both extensions and Keratin Lash Lifts can save you time in the mirror in the morning. If you have naturally thin, damaged, or spare lashes, I suggest getting a Lash Botox service to help them grow longer and thicker. In the meantime, a 2d-3d lash extension set would be suitable to give you more length and volume, as they are growing in.

Contrary to what you may have heard about volume lash extensions, the actual extension pieces are very fine in texture and can be applied in a way that even the most thin or sparse lashes can support. They will not be heavy or too dramatic looking. All lash sets, Volume, Classic, or Hybrid, can be styled to appear natural looking. A 2d-3d lash set would also be good for someone who may have lost their lashes and is growing them back in. In my opinion anyone who has lash hairs, can wear lash extensions. There is a set for every lash condition.

Keratin Lash Lifts have become so popular over the past year. Keratin Lash Lifts are ideal for lashes that are strong and healthy. Is it a good idea to get a lash lift if you have thin or sparse lashes? No. Thin or sparse lashes would actually do better with lash extensions, (see above).

Is it good to get a lash lift if you have short and/or straight lashes? Depends… If you're looking for length, then you’ll want to get lash extensions. If you're looking to just have a curled lash that is more noticeable then yes, get a lash lift. If you don’t have availability to come get monthly refills, then a lash lift service may be better fit for your lifestyle. A lash tint is suggested with every lift service to give the look of mascara. Black tint is the most popular, but brown is available too. A Keratin Lash Lift is also a great option for someone who has kinky, curly lashes that are curled back into the eyelid or are going astray. In this case, the lift will actually help to straighten out the lashes and give the appearance of longer looking lashes.

Why opt for a Keratin Lash Lift vs a regular lift?? The difference is that Keratin has protein in it and is going to nourish and help protect your lash hairs. A Lash Lift is a chemical treatment, also known as a Lash Perm. Conditioning and protecting the lashes during the service is essential to protecting and keeping your natural lashes healthy. I highly suggest adding Lash Botox to your lift service. Does Lash Botox involve a needle? No. Lash Botox is similar to applying a hair mask. It adds nourishment and vitamins to your lashes, and helps them grow and appear thicker. It’s a booster for your lashes.

Want to learn more about lash designs, styles, and which lash extensions are best for your eye shape? Follow our next blog post or come in for a full consultation!

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