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Our Team.

We look good, when you look good.

We are a diverse team of women who deliver quality services with every client. Our mission at Meredith Brooke Salon is to create beautiful brow designs and enhance our clients natural beauty to encourage confidence. We believe that every client deserves a seamless and comfortable experience. We have created a space where you can feel cared for, loved and accepted. We are fluent in 7 different languages. We want to ensure that you will want to come back after your first visit.

We pride ourselves on delivering customer satisfaction in creating the best brow design for your face structure and brow shape. What sets us apart from other pmu salons is that we use custom color blends for each client to perfectly match your skin type, skin under tone, and hair color. We ensure long lasting, vibrant color results by using luxury pigments with only 10-30% fading in to natural results after brows are healed. We have high standards for our pigments and products. All pigments are sterilized with radiation, vegan friendly, cruelty free, US and EU compliant, and made right here in the US. Using the luxury pigments along with our artists our proven expertise and knowledge gives you reassurance and confidence your brows will have lasting color, need fewer touch ups over time and be pleased with your results. 




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